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Review Express Follows Zomato Policies And Guidelines When Posting Reviews

Reviews these days hold a very important place, especially for online businesses. It is therefore very important that the reviews that are posted online have positive things to tell about your company. Zomato restaurant reviews are very important because most clients go through these reviews before choosing any restaurant. At Review Express, we ensure that we provide our clients with genuine positive reviews. Companies who buy Zomato reviews from us will certainly be able to do good online business.

Here’s Why You Should Buy Zomato Reviews From Review Express?

  • The Zomato restaurant reviews that we provide are genuine as we get them from customers all over the world. The reviews that we provide have a minimum of 140 characters and we do adhere to this particular guideline. The reviews also have proper feedback about the food, the quality of service and also the ambience. Our reviews are never junk and so Zomato will never remove the reviews that we have posted.
  • We provide our customers with real Zomato reviews and also ensure that our contributions are very much relevant to zomato. We never post reviews from accounts that are inappropriate or irrelevant. We also do not post promotional contents. We never post comments from the same restaurant, if the review has been removed by the company once.
  • We also ensure that the reviews that we post are real Zomato reviews are genuine and also keep it clean. We never post reviews that have abusive, foul or hateful languages. We also ensure that there are no derogatory remarks relating to religion, gender, race etc.
  • Another thing that we try to ensure is that we keep the reviews fresh. We ensure that we do not use the same language for all the zomato customer reviews. We always keep it genuine and fresh. We express the feedback of the actual product users. But in case the company wants us to write the zomato customer reviews, we do that as well, however, we charge extra for it. We also try to provide one review for each of the restaurants. These reviews help people understand which restaurant they will visit. We also do not post reviews which are more than 6 months old. We always post reviews that are most recent.
  • The reviews that we post are real and genuine because it is based on facts and the real life experiences of the customers. We never falsify or unnecessarily exaggerate the information.
  • Another very important thing we keep in mind is that we never steal. We never copy paste reviews from other reviewers. We are very much aware that such acts may ruin the reputation of our clients and the reviews may also get deleted. We always ensure that the reviews are posted from separate email ids. We also do not misrepresent any company. We also do not post anything that is not correct. We only post genuine customer feedbacks. We have contacts all over the world. We get in touch with them and post the feedback that they provide. Since these feedbacks are genuine, so the company will also get the opportunity to know about things that their customers are liking about them and the things that they are not liking about them.
  • We always ensure that we post reviews keeping in mind the rules that are set by zomato. These include the terms and conditions of certain products of zomato.

Fake Reviews Can Actually Be Dangerous For A Particular Company

We are very much aware of the fact that fake reviews can lead to punishments. So we only post genuine zomato 5 star reviews. There have been cases when the companies have posted fake reviews and those have led to their sites going down the SEO ranking in place of going up. Moreover, these reviews have also got deleted. Zomato is very particular about the repuation. So they take special care to ensure that the fake reviews are not posted.

Review Express Have A Number Of Years Of Experience

We have been helping clients to get reviews from a number of years. It is for this reason that we are very much aware of the rules and the guidelines. We also ensure that we post a number of zomato 5 star reviews. This way the company rating goes up which benefits the business of the restaurants. People these days prefer checking out the zomato reviews before they actually decide which restaurant they will go. Review Express understands the importance of this and therefore make it a point to post a large number of positive reviews. We also write reviews for our clients, however the charges for it is more. If you are still thinking about whether it is worthwhile to hire us for posting reviews, then do not delay any further. Get in touch with us at the earliest.

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